Wednesday, February 22, 2012

London's Last Brick Pavement

This little-used patch of Adelaide Street near the CNR tracks contains London's last stretch of brick paving. The second last section, on Talbot Street south of York, was ripped up late in the summer of 1979.  Just a quaint reminder of the London of yesteryear.


  1. There is a bit of brick revealed at the end of Chandler - I don't think the city keeps up that little road very well, so the asphalt wears off and the bricks show through.

  2. Well done, catching that bit of brick. It's need documenting for ages. Huge benefit of the internet and digital cameras in recording things that don't fit traditional categories.
    Not quaint really - that's the way our London predecessors lived and travelling along it by horse and buggy would be no joke but they'd be be mindful they had better conditions than their own pioneering grandparents lived with.