Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another Sign of the Times

A group called Our Street London has started to hang signs downtown. These brightly-coloured messages give directions to local landmarks, businesses, museums - even the river.

Mind you, I'm not sure how the organizers decided it takes exactly nine minutes to walk from Dundas and Clarence to the Forks. I suspect the timing might depend on the age and energy of the pedestrian. Not to mention the weather - in January I walk a lot faster. However, musn't quibble. The signs are a new great way to help folks explore London's downtown. And a great many of them point the way to historic sites.

One feature in particular should appeal to younger  hikers - each sign has a QR code. For those of you not up on your technology, a QR or Quick Response code is that cute little barcode you may have already seen on items at the grocery store. Hold your smart phone camera over it and you'll get a webpage that will tell you more about that wonderful site you're walking to. Of course, those of us who only have stupid phones will have to wait until we get home to Google.


  1. I also like these signs - distances determined by googles maps I think - have you see the NeighbourGOOD Guide? done by the same folks...

  2. Whose permisssion is required for the group to mount those signs?

  3. None - it was guerrilla urbanism. But now they're all the rage... check out the kickstarter that launched them...

  4. Suspect the city fathers and mothers will let them stay for the tourist season. Wonder how these "activists" are funding it.
    Having trouble with It just closes off...Any ideas ?
    Anonymous 1 to A2

  5. The initiative seems well supported and funded. Even umbrella-ed by the longstanding group, the Urban League of London.
    Can't find a master list of their Signed sites - any ideas?

    Tried to Register at Neighborhoods project and they are certainly keeping the terrorists out. Seems overly-complicated for the
    wide range of types of citizen internet users in this community.
    A1 to A2.

  6. Yes, I too have a "stupid Phone" or s-Phone (LOL). Also s-job; s-car and almost everything is s-. Yes more often than not, even this city also shows its s-side when it ignores heritage opportunities.

    Please revisit your attention to issue of McCormicks factory. I saw interesting discussion on #Ldnont and #McCormicksCandyFactory also, see recent interior photos at