Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gateway to London's past...

Ah, summer. The time to step outside, look about and explore. What interesting nooks and crannies can the intrepid heritage explorer discover? What paths to history may be found? Actually, clues to London's past are everywhere. Let's start with a fairly easy one. Who knows where these steps lead?  


  1. They once led to Locust Mount, which was sadly burned to the ground about three years ago :( If you walk to where the house once stood you can see that it was built from "white" brick. The house itself in later years was re-surfaced. I thought the original brick was beautiful. It was one of the few remaining examples of and 1850's Georgian mansion in London.

    1. Right, Jack. I thought this one would be pretty easy. Locust Mount was built in 1853 for Elijah Leonard, Jr. and was one of the original grand mansions overlooking the Thames. A sad loss for London.