Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Rambles Continue

As the heritage explorer wanders the streets of London . . . someone might be watching. Who knows where this is? takers on this one. Here's a hint:

The above symbol appears on a fence surrounding the property. Can anyone guess where this is?


  1. I'm pretty sure this fence is around St Peters church?

  2. Well, almost right. The fence goes around St. Paul's Cathedral and the face is one of many faces that appear on the building itself. According to Orlo Miller's book, Gargoyles & Gentlemen: a history of St. Paul's Cathedral (1966): "Kings, queens and monstrous creatures to which no human womb ever gave birth, stare blindly out on the twentieth century, their faces chipped and weathered by the storms and frosts...No one has left us any record of what these faces represent" (p. 66). These enigmatic faces still gaze upon us in the twenty-first century.