Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Heritage on Talbot

This attractive building - complete with heritage paint colours - has its own particular claim to fame, being the oldest wooden store front in London. Located at 357 Talbot Street, it's been sitting here looking cute since about 1863. It's currently the home of Heritage Antiques.

It looks small but stretches a long way back, and proprietor Tom Smits has filled it with a delightful variety of furniture, paintings, china, and ornaments. I coveted an 18th century French sideboard but realized it was too large to fit in my apartment. Maybe one day.

Update, May 2013 - Tom is closing his shop at the end of November. After 38 years in business, he's decided to enjoy a well-deserved retirement and travel. We'll be watching 357 Talbot to see its next incarnation.

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