Monday, November 19, 2012

Mural, Mural On The Wall...

Public art doesn't always appeal to everyone. And there will always be those who'll argue that the money spent on culture could be better used for social programmes.

Nevertheless, local artist Tracy Root's large mural beside the bicycle path under Oxford Street Bridge is worth a second look. Mainly sponsored by London Arts Council and London Cultural Office, Tracy's colourful painting shows rolling hills, picturesque farmhouses, and this male figure ploughing a field. The scene may remind passers-by of their childhood on the farm or of pleasant drives in the country.

We need more of these murals for several reasons: First, they brighten otherwise boring or ugly cement walls. Second, they promote and assist local artistic talent. Third, they act as interesting conversation pieces as walkers and cyclists stop, admire the artistry, and chat. Finally, historic scenes like this remind residents of former landscapes and industries, helping them to connect with their neighbourhood's past. Way to go, Tracy!

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  1. Is the land around London rolling hills or is this just fantasy